for Small Business by Small Business

Business Advisory


Our advisory model is provided with the aim of identifying business strong suits, while strengthening infrastructure and creating development opportunity. We work to build up the entire business, from business owner to every member of the business staff.

Brand Management


An extension of brand, we take client objectives to market. Through analysis and planning, we develop relationships on behalf of clients within target markets via creation of "look", packaging, messaging, business writing, and overall brand representation.

Performance Coaching


Working directly with designated leadership, our individual and group coaching methods aid in the consistent delivery of defined goals, effective activity and communication, ensuring tangible outcomes by converting opportunity to closed transactions.

Sales and Marketing


Managing process from head to tail, we take client ideas and concepts into segmented Southern California target markets, producing high converting grassroots marketing, in-person lead generation, and long lasting, effective relationships.

Strategic Planning


We believe growth is a result of strategy; the magic is in our data-backed approach to development and an in depth understanding of consumer need. Through targeted goals, ideal outcomes are assured with consistent maintenance of progressive planning stages.

Training and Development


Our training and development model reflects the needs of the individual and business  alike. Whether for one or one hundred, we have a tailored method for strengthening team, while aligning goals and objectives with the most ideal business outcomes.